At Your Happy Weight – Diary Exercise

Relates to  “At Your Happy Weight” – Thorough Weight-Control Package 


No, this isn’t a calorie-counting, nutrition-checking diary – because we’re not nutritionists – but we definitely encourage you also to monitor your daily balance of the tangible, controllable things that matter – nutrition, what you’re putting into your body, activity levels. 

Your diary is intended to be an insightful, inspiring and honest(!) record of your progress on the emotional and awareness levels.

Diary Template

What did I do today that I know contributed to my happiness?

Where did I deviate from what I should have done today?

What am I going to do tomorrow for my happiness?

What did I do today that detracts from my happiness?

  • How does that make me feel? Why did I do it? What was I reacting to?

  • How can I react differently in the same circumstances?

  • How will it make me feel to react differently, positively?

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