360˚ Areas of Application

Dealing with Basics

  • Sleep and relaxation, preventing ‘Rumination’
  • Health & wellbeing, include food habits and exercise
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Switching off and recharging

Working Well

  • Dissolving & dismissing stress
  • Developing resilience against stress
  • Enhancing productivity and decisiveness
  • Combating procrastination and fear of failure

Working Better

  • Building a problem-solving mentality
  • Nurturing creativity

Balancing Work within Life

  • Examining values and priorities
  • Engaging unused areas of the imagination
  • Learning the value of ‘abstraction’

Our Offers to Employers and HR Professionals

We’re flexible – talk to us! The three main ways we can deliver ‘Thinking Well’ to your team members are as follows:

Guided usage of our existing platform and programmes

We will produce a ‘How to Use’ guide that instructs users how to combine recommended programmes toward a specific goal.

COSTS: We can negotiate a per-user fee, dependent on the number of users and the duration of the usage

Reformatting and rebranding our platform

In whole or part, to your corporate needs.

COSTS: Dependent upon scope

In-person sessions

Single or repeated. Led by Mick Cassell, for groups of employees, integrated with guided use of the ThinkWell-LiveWell platform and programmes.

COSTS: Dependent upon scope

From an Employee Perspective:

ThinkWell-LiveWell is described as a ‘mindfulness toolkit for practical people’ – and there is no more practical context for application than in and around the workplace.

Practical, Effective & Enjoyable

We’re all about practicality, accessibility, transparency and authenticity. Users can work on a range of core issues in a range of ways, both on- and off-line.

Take the simple consideration of fitting sessions into your day: we offer a range of online session durations, from 5 minutes up to 30, so that users can grab a quick boost or immerse themselves deeply. They can also ‘grow into’ the whole thing, starting small and building their involvement as they discover the enjoyment.

Install ThinkWell-LiveWell app on your iPhone: Tap  and then  Add to home screen.

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