360˚ Areas of Application

Dealing with Basics

  • Sleep and relaxation, preventing ‘Rumination’
  • Health & wellbeing, include food habits and exercise
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Switching off and recharging

Working Well

  • Dissolving & dismissing stress
  • Developing resilience against stress
  • Enhancing productivity and decisiveness
  • Combating procrastination and fear of failure

Working Better

  • Building a problem-solving mentality
  • Nurturing creativity

Balancing Work within Life

  • Examining values and priorities
  • Engaging unused areas of the imagination
  • Learning the value of ‘abstraction’

Our Offers to Employers and HR Professionals

We’re flexible – talk to us! The three main ways we can deliver ‘Thinking Well’ to your team members are as follows:

Guided usage of our existing platform and programmes

We will produce a ‘How to Use’ guide that instructs users how to combine recommended programmes toward a specific goal.

COSTS: We can negotiate a per-user fee, dependent on the number of users and the duration of the usage

Reformatting and rebranding our platform

In whole or part, to your corporate needs.

COSTS: Dependent upon scope

In-person sessions

Single or repeated. Led by Mick Cassell, for groups of employees, integrated with guided use of the ThinkWell-LiveWell platform and programmes.

COSTS: Dependent upon scope

From an Employee Perspective:

ThinkWell-LiveWell is described as a ‘mindfulness toolkit for practical people’ – and there is no more practical context for application than in and around the workplace.

Practical, Effective & Enjoyable

We’re all about practicality, accessibility, transparency and authenticity. Users can work on a range of core issues in a range of ways, both on- and off-line.

Take the simple consideration of fitting sessions into your day: we offer a range of online session durations, from 5 minutes up to 30, so that users can grab a quick boost or immerse themselves deeply. They can also ‘grow into’ the whole thing, starting small and building their involvement as they discover the enjoyment.

‘Nothing to download! Just add us to your home screen: Tap and then  Add to home screen.

Nothing to download! Just add us to your home screen.