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We asked prominent UK psychologists/therapists for their views on a series of questions.


Corinne Sweet

Writer, Broadcaster, Therapist
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Suzy Reading

Chartered Psychologist, Yoga Teacher, and Health CoachMore about Suzy

Ben Bidwell

Mental Wellness Advocate, Trainer, Coach
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– The Questions & Answers –

Would you recommend using ThinkWell-LiveWell to your patients between their therapy sessions?

“I would recommend ThinkWell-LiveWell to my clients as many of them need something not only to hold on to, but also to reinforce their learning and change.
– Corinne

“Yes, I would recommend use between sessions because what I am aiming for in therapy is skill development, the adoption of healthy habits, the ability to focus and become aware of the choices we are making and the consequence of those choices, building the mindfulness muscle. In partnership with talk therapy, ThinkWell-LiveWell can augment and accelerate this learning. It also provides a means of tracking changes which clients can find motivating.”
– Suzy

“Yes! ThinkWell-LiveWell fills me with hope that an affordable and accessible education like this is now available for every individual who wishes to better their mindset and improve as a person.”
– Ben

What makes ThinkWell-LiveWell different to other mindfulness apps and self-help platforms?

“ThinkWell-LiveWell is a personalised approach, and allows people to mix and match for themselves. It is also quite didactic in that it explains different techniques and approaches.”
– Corinne

“The flexibility in how each activity is delivered is a real point of difference. ThinkWell-LiveWell offers an impressive capacity for personalisation, accommodating learning style, terminology, preference for music and timing. There is also a vast array of supporting self-help documents which deepens people’s understanding of the tools and how they help create change. In essence, this platform not only empowers people with tools but educates them on the psychology of behaviour change, amplifying their likelihood of successfully achieving their goals. The tailoring and personalisation keep the platform feeling fresh and evolving, and the objective feedback provided by the progress tracker helps boost motivation and staying power.”
– Suzy

“There are several factors that have this platform stand out for me as a resource to improve your mental health. Firstly you can feel the love Mick has given this, no stone is unturned, I felt like every answer I want is absolutely there to be found. It is a powerful platform that can help every individual to live with a healthier mindset.

The best way I can sum up the ThinkWell-LiveWell experience is that it is mindfulness for the real world, cost effective, multifaceted, trustworthy and easily actionable. It provides practical tools presented in a clear and understandable way, applicable to the mentally challenging life so many lead in today’s world. Mental health doesn’t need to be rocket science, here is a platform to help people realise a simple proposition; when you think well, you live well.
– Ben

What are the benefits of using self-development and therapy techniques in a combined approach?

“There are many benefits of doing self-development and therapy techniques in a combined way, as they reinforce each other.  If you need to change a behaviour or a way of thinking, you need to adopt new behaviours and ideas, and then put them into practice.
– Corinne

“The benefits of ThinkWell-LiveWell lie in the great breadth of choice available to the user. The programmes are self-directed and people can take action where they most feel drawn, returning to choose a different track once that wave of change is integrated. People need a broad toolkit from which to draw and this is exactly what ThinkWell-LiveWell helps people develop. By offering a range of tools combining different therapies there truly is something for everyone. Mindfulness is just one approach, there are many other ways of working that yield great therapeutic potential.

ThinkWell-LiveWell brings the best from mindfulness, compassion, sport and performance psychology, positive psychology, CBT, NLP, hypnotherapy, dream work and education on healthy lifestyle choices. This is how we create holistic change, benefiting all areas
of wellbeing: head, heart and body.”
– Suzy

“This wonderful website / app answers the individual needs of each person that are not being met by the Mindfulness programmes currently in the marketplace. That is because ThinkWell-LiveWell tailors each individuals personal mental health needs in a practical and accessible way through a combination of mindfulness-based therapies together in one place. There is no one size fits all approach to personal development, what works for you may be different for me, we are all engaged by different methodologies, this platform provides a solution for every type of person.”
– Ben

How can ThinkWell-LiveWell help us unlearn unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that we’ve developed - and adopt new ones?

“ThinkWell-LiveWell can help you become aware of how you think, how you feel, what you do, and then decide what you want to change, and how – it can help you keep on track.”
– Corinne

“The offline exercises, resources and self-help PDFs give excellent advice on how to create sustainable lifestyle change and the tools themselves are designed to bring awareness to the choices we are making and the impact of those choices. ThinkWell-LiveWell connects the user with their own personal motivations, their all-important ‘Why’ and this is the key to making the commitment to doing things differently. ThinkWell-LiveWell helps the user create incremental change and this is essential to making it sustainable and maximally effective.”
– Suzy

We can all change for the better if we, quite literally, put our mind to it, we just need to learn how. This platform brings a down-to-earth and relatable format from several leading forms of self-help to ensure it brings meaningful change to the lives of as many people as possible.”
– Ben

Can everyone benefit from these programmes? (Even those who aren’t experienced in / don’t like the idea of mindfulness?)

Everyone can benefit from these programmes, however, in my experience regular use helps reinforce what is experienced or learned in a session.”
– Corinne

Absolutely everyone, regardless of their experience and feelings towards mindfulness can benefit from these programmes. Often it can be the language used in mindfulness activities that sits uncomfortably for some and ThinkWell-LiveWell ingeniously makes these practices accessible by using careful terms and phrasing. The opportunity to personalise each activity also breaks down barriers to engagement and enjoyment. All activities are led in such a way that no prior experience is required and the supporting self-help documents make potentially difficult concepts very easy to understand. ThinkWell-LiveWell expertly guides you through step by step, teaching you the skills of mindfulness and more, in a way that resonates personally for each individual.”
– Suzy

We are all unique and all face our own challenges, but here sits an individually tailored programme that will help each person learn how to be a better version of themselves and how to live a more fulfilling life.

There is no one size fits all approach to personal development, what works for you may be different for me, we are all engaged by different methodologies, this platform provides a solution for every type of person.
– Ben

What are the barriers to practising self-care in your professional experience and how could ThinkWell-LiveWell help to combat this?

“In my professional experience there are five main barriers to practising self-care and ThinkWell-LiveWell is effective at helping people overcome them all:

      1. Time – we need simple, time efficient tools to accommodate the busyness of our lives. There are activities on ThinkWell-LiveWell that are as short as 5 minutes, making it accessible despite jam packed schedules.
      2. Energy – at the end of a long day people often feel they don’t have energy for self-care. ThinkWell-LiveWell provides many soothing practices that take no energy at all and are powerful at replenishing a depleted body and mind. Lie back, put your feet up and receive a transfusion of energy with a 17 minute soothing guided relaxation or take a 5 minute siesta if time is short.
      3. Expense – many of the activities on ThinkWell-LiveWell are available for free and with a year’s subscription costing less than the hourly fee for most therapy sessions, it is a very affordable way to seek help and create change.
      4. Guilt – Because ThinkWell-LiveWell is so cost effective and time efficient we can nourish ourselves without feeling like we are diverting precious resources away from all those other things in life we hold dear. In fact, as we reap the benefits of working through the programmes on ThinkWell-LiveWell our nearest and dearest will be noticing the difference too. When we are well nourished we have greater access to our best selves and this benefits everyone our lives touch – self-care truly is the ultimate win win. Seeing what self-care facilitates in our lives helps to dial down the intensity of guilt. The ethos of ThinkWell-LiveWell is all about healthy habits that allow us to show up in the world as we aspire to be. ThinkWell-LiveWell can be a great catalyst in our thinking about how we take care of ourselves. At the heart of it, ThinkWell-LiveWell boosts our health and without our health what do we have?
      5. Knowledge – many people truly understand the value of self-care but don’t know where to start. ThinkWell-LiveWell helps people to build a toolkit packed with things you can turn to in the moment, when you need it the most. ThinkWell-LiveWell empowers people with such a great breadth of tools, allowing a real opportunity to create waves of change. It is a powerful resource that people can keep coming back to for fresh ideas and new inspiration.

– Suzy

“Even though humanity is waking up to the need and benefit of ‘mindset schooling’, it’s not easy for the everyday person to know who to trust or afford. With so many different types of therapy and mental wellness messages in different forms across the internet, it’s hard to know where to start, and people can often feel that they aren’t ‘getting it right’.

The hand-held approach offered by ThinkWell-LiveWell will give you comfort that you aren’t doing it wrong. The platform allows for us all to learn about where we can make positive changes to our mental health, as well as how to adopt lifestyle changes that will have us feeling better on the inside.”
– Ben

Do you think there are any advantages of an online programme such as ThinkWell-LiveWell in comparison to one to one therapy appointments?

There is always a place for one to one therapy but the benefits of an online programme like ThinkWell-LiveWell lie in immediacy, accessibility, cost and range of choice. It can take a long time to be referred to a practitioner, to actually get an appointment, the cost can be considerable and a barrier for many and it can take time to find the right fit with the therapist and modality of therapy. People can access ThinkWell-LiveWell straight away and get started where they feel most drawn, seeing benefits immediately. There is no need to arrange childcare or take time off work. Without leaving the house, in just 5 minutes of downtime, people can seek the support and practical tools they need to invest in their health and feel a difference.
– Suzy

“The platform provides a multi-disciplinary experience to take people through a complete process of change and development at the emotional, awareness and behavioural levels – in much the same way as face-to-face counselling or coaching would do, without the costs of a one to one service.
– Ben

How do you know if an online self-help programme like ThinkWell-LiveWell is working?

“You know ThinkWell-LiveWell is working if you find yourself turning to it to relax, unwind or move on.
– Corinne

“You’ll know an online self-help programme is working by seeing a subjective difference to the quality of your day. With regular practice using the ThinkWell-LiveWell programmes, people will feel greater capacity to cope with the demands of their day, a sense of resilience and faster bounce back from challenges. As the effects of the programme take hold people will be able to consciously relax better throughout their whole day, boosting the quality of sleep at night. You’ll know it’s working when you feel more confident and capable to handle the inevitable curve balls of life. On an objective level, the ThinkWell-LiveWell app has a built in mechanism to help people assess change – there is an opportunity to track how you are feeling before and after each session to evaluate its effects and regular prompts offered over time can help people identify broader trends in health and wellbeing.”
– Suzy

“The ThinkWell-LiveWell platform allows for us all to learn about where we can make positive changes to our mental health, as well as how to adopt lifestyle changes that will have us feeling better on the inside. Some of it really isn’t rocket science – it is accessible information that we believe should be accessible to all. If we continuously practice the exercises available on the platform and/or implement the new ways of thinking, a new life and mindset that feels both good on the inside and out can quickly become an option.
– Ben

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