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Self-development and therapy techniques work better when they’re combined; the more your experience is personalised for you, the better it will be; the more offline self-help exercises and informative reading you do, the more you will progress. So – here it all is; use it in the way that works best for you!


Find out how – and why – we overlay your mindful state with a range of additional techniques and modalities to affect profound change at the emotional, cognitive and
behavioural levels.

Focus, relax – and give your mind space and time to grow

Mindfulness can be described as an ‘accessible’ form of meditation. You focus on being ‘in the moment’ and, by so doing, exclude other thoughts and give space for the mind to promote wellbeing.

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Take control through self-awareness

Use self-measurement and self-questioning both online, before, during and after your sessions, and offline, through the self-help exercises we have created for you, to deepen your process and your experience.

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Change your behaviours by understanding your perceptions

Ever wondered how two people can perceive one and the same thing entirely differently – and so behave entirely differently because of those perceptions? Learn to unlearn the unhelpful things that you have… learnt.

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Actively engage your subconscious mind

Therapy utilising the hypnotic state, similar in many ways to the mindful state, has you actively address and enter dialogue with your subconscious, using techniques common to many other therapy modalities.

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Open doors by stimulating your core creativity

We are all capable of dreaming: so we are all capable of using our inner creativity to re-imagine situations.

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We’re all different, and personal development should be just that – personal! How can one size – or one unchanging recording – possibly work for a world full of unique individuals?

ThinkWell-LiveWell gives you a range of personalisation options that will impact more deeply on your subconscious mind: and you can experiment with them as you wish to ‘keep things fresh’.

Sensory Preference

Are you a sight, sound or touch person? We all respond to all senses, but most of us have a preference for one – so ThinkWell-LiveWell delivers you materials tailored to your preference.

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Way In to Your Mindful State

Because we all have different ways of relaxing – and because doing it the same way, day after day, can become boring and ineffective – we provide a wide range of relaxing scenarios for you to choose from.

Explore Way In Pathways & Scenarios Available

Science-based Background Music

Yes, you can listen to the nature sound of your choice: but our musical background tracks have been specially composed to capture the mind’s responsiveness to different wavelengths.

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Timing It Right

Sometimes, we need a little help with the disciplines of wellbeing! It’s important to listen at a regular time during your day and schedule your programme when the ‘coast is clear’ – and this personalisation tool helps you with just that.

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The more you know you have control of your experience, the more your subconscious will embrace it and the deeper the effect will be. One of the core principles of cognitive work, coaching etc. is to establish self-assessment and self-measurement. Not only is that fantastically effective in process terms, you can use progress tracking to judge when to change personalisation settings or even to move on to something new.

So – before and after each online session, you are asked to measure how far along your path you think you are. Day-to-day, you’ll get a feeling for how you’re doing, whether it’s time for a time-out, time to change some personalisation settings (Way In? Music?), or even time to move on!

Just what are you measuring against?

Use our “What It’s All For” self-help PDF to get to the emotional heart of what you want to achieve

Download our "What It's All For" Self-Help Exercise

A journey of a thousand miles...

…begins with a single step. Use these self-help exercises to break your journey down into manageable, enjoyable, achievable steps, so that you can celebrate each in turn.

Download our "Taking It in Steps" Self-Help Exercise
Keep the cogs turning and deepen your experience!

Offline Exercises
The four core self-help exercises we offer work on your cognition and self-awareness in the way that a coach or therapist would. Following these exercises gives you understanding and control – which is exactly what your inner self most wants and needs!

External Resources
Read around the issue, bring your findings into your contemplation! What easier way to keep working on an issue or goal than doing some helpful reading during the day? And it keeps your subconscious process moving! We’ve matched key themes in our programmes to key themes in articles and links from sources around the world.

Offline Exercises

Our offline exercises follow key principles of disciplines such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Coaching, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), all of which focus on the person taking responsibility within their own process.

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