At Your Happy Weight – User Guide

Relates to  “At Your Happy Weight” – Thorough Weight-Control Package

We’re not here just to change your weight.

We’re here to make you happier…

… by reaching an enduring lifestyle balance where you’re happy both with how you’re living (and eating!) and how you look and feel.

How we’re going to do it

  • We’re going to change your relationship with the food and lifestyle issues that affect the shape of your life…
  • …by working through your emotions, your awareness and, finally, your behaviour.
  • Be aware: some of this can be initially uncomfortable. Life-change is like that.

What do you have to do?

Be serious, be committed.
This may be a deeply enjoyable experience, but it is also a serious, life-changing step in your life.


  1. Start by working on a clear view of the changes you want to achieve – not just in your body shape but, more importantly, what change that will bring in your life, in your self-image, in your wellbeing.
  2. Do your homework. It doesn’t all happen online, and the more you use our self-help materials and take responsibility for, and control of, your process, the deeper the results and changes will go!
  3. This is a health issue. If in doubt, consult. If you don’t get all you need from the government websites below, consider talking to a medical professional.
  4. The programme contains 21 sessions and you are expected to complete them all in 21 to 28 days. Aim for what you can achieve in that timescale, plan for how you’re going to continue and maintain. Yes, we help you to continue – see later.

Manage your environment.

  • Timing
    • Are you going into this at a good time – e.g. a time when, to the best of your knowledge, you’re going to be relatively free of negative pressures and temptations?
  • Support
    • Do you know where to go for information and advice? Do you have, can you get support from those around you? Best of all, can you ‘buddy’ with someone through the programme?
  • (Not-So) Hidden Dangers
    • Other people, family, workplace – are you ready and prepared to do what you need for yourself in the face of “counter-productive” influences?

Keeping it going, staying on track.
Stuff happens. Enthusiasm can rise and fall. How do you ‘ride’ the possible setbacks?

  • Measurement is motivation. Use our in-programme progress tracker for a visible guide of how you feel you’re progressing.
  • Keep things fresh. Keep your subconscious alert, engaged and active by occasionally changing your ‘Way In’ or Music personalisation choices.
  • Take days off or Time Outs if you need them. There’s space and time within a one-month subscription for you to take a day or two off. You might listen to nothing on those days, or you may listen to another, complementary ThinkWell-LiveWell programme.

When your programme finishes.
You can keep on track with the core messages of your programmes by taking standalone ThinkWell-LiveWell sessions:

Governmental Guidance

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UK  BMI Calculator

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