Way In to the Mindful State

Not everyone finds meditation easy! The deeply relaxing scenarios you can choose from here get you quickly and enjoyably to a mindful or meditative state; just sit back, listen – and allow yourself to relax, allow your mind to clear and focus…

Peaceful Pathways

Easy Steps In:

Full Body Massage

Deep-down Relaxation
Allow your body to remember the pleasure and relaxation of head-to-toe massage, relaxing every muscle in turn…

Merge with the Waves

Follow the Rise and Fall
As the tide slowly rises around your body, lying on the sand, start to float with the rise and fall, start to merge into the healing softness…

Unwind and Let Go 

Imagine there’s a Wheel…
With every breath you take, the wheel turns… the lines loosen one bit more… every nerve, every muscle; relaxing more and more…

Magic Number Seven

Irresistible Logical Steps
On each step, concentrate on the thought you’re given; with each progressive level down, find yourself more and more in this moment…

Light Within

Growing, Glowing Comfort
Feel the comforting warmth of your inner light, spreading relaxation through every part of your body as it softly glows and grows…

I Like It, Do It Again

Mindfulness for Non-Believers
Now you get it. But don’t tell the Mindfulness Police that you’re enjoying this…

Dreamy Scenes

Immerse Yourself:

View from the Mountain 

On the Sunlit Peak
The air itself has a clarity and freshness, the sun gleams and glistens off the crisp, untouched snow; you are bathed in natural wellbeing…

In the Man Cave 

Your Space, Your Rules
With the door shut, the world outside is put on hold. In your sanctuary, daily life is just a muffled sound outside. It’s time to reconnect with…. ‘you’.

Rowboat on the Lake 

Drifting Serenely
Your rowboat drifts at the centre of the clear, calm lake, the mountains mirrored on the water; you lie back on the cushions, and… dream.

On the Night Train

Gently Rolling, Rumbling
In your snug compartment, feeling the gentle swaying of the train as you watch the stars drift by above, hearing the engine puff along…

Hotel Paradiso

Ultimate ‘Me’ Time
Looking from the sea to the whitewashed walls of the Mediterranean harbour town, there, midway up the jumble of streets, is your balcony…

By the Waterfall

Feeling Calm and Fresh
The clear water from the hills cascades brightly from the rocks above, the fresh spray refreshes your skin as you dive beneath the waterfall itself…

Beneath the Ancient Oak

Safely in its Shade
In the summer meadow, watching the swaying of the long grass, you are cooled by the shade of the ancient oak, comforted by its strength…

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