What It’s All For – Offline Exercise #1

What’s the value of these exercises?

Our offline exercises follow key principles of disciplines such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Coaching, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), all of which focus on the person taking responsibility within their own process. The more your inner self, your subconscious, recognises its own role in the change you’re making – and the more it feels it has control over that change, the deeper and longer-lasting that change will be.  

So the first reason to follow this set of exercises is to increase the effectiveness of your process, to increase your internal motivation
The second reason is that ‘confession is good for the soul’. You are asked to be honest with yourself about what you want and what your challenges are.  
The third reason is to give yourself a quick ‘reality check’. This process will help convince your inner self that what you’re doing is both right for you, is realistically achievable, and will be worth the effort you invest.

Nothing here is set in stone. 

It’s important to approach these exercises with flexibility and to ‘find your own way’. You’ll make discoveries as you go through the process and you may find it useful to revisit these exercises from time to time in the course of your programme.

Get in the zone for these exercises! Listen to this programme “Meet Your Best Self” to help get in the zone for these exercises!


Outcome Questions

Break open a notebook and write down your answers and thoughts. Just write down whatever comes into your head – and nothing’s set in stone. You may well find it interesting to revisit all of this a few times during the process!

Who are you going to be, and what will be different about you?

  • What will be different about your environment, and how will life be different when you have made this change?
  • How will those who matter to you see the ‘new you’, what will they say about you – and how will that feel to you?

How realistic and manageable is this, and how much have you thought it through?

  • Is it predominantly in your own hands to achieve this, or will you rely on other people, things or events?
  • How much time will you have to put into this, and where will you find that time?
  • How much will this affect people around you or your current lifestyle, and what is your strategy to manage all the possibilities?
Download PDF of "What It's All For" Self-Help Exercise

Outcome Statements

Don’t be shy – nobody’s peeking, and nothing you say here can be wrong if you answered the Outcome Questions honestly! This is your time to shine!

How will you know you have reached or fulfilled the Outcome?

Make sure your statements are all positive: no “I won’t…” or “no more…” !

  • What will you see, hear or feel that tells you that you’re there?
  • How often will you need to see, hear or feel that to be truly convinced?

Give yourself a tangible reference for what this Outcome is going to bring you.

  • Make a visual moodboard or find a single, motivating image.
  • Create a motivating and meaningful playlist
  • Find an object that is stimulating and meaningful to you.

Find or create a memorable saying or mantra that encapsulates the ‘new you’ and your new life; maybe you can use a line from a song, or something you’ve heard or read somewhere.

Download PDF of "What It's All For" Self-Help Exercise

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