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It’s a simple concept: just as you can do good for your body with regular exercise, so you can do good for your mind – and probably more easily!

The sessions in the ThinkWell-LiveWell ‘Well in Mind’ level address a number of ‘mind fitness’ areas – dealing with core issues that can impact and inhibit all of us at some time, such as self-confidence and stress – and developing new capabilities, new positivity, new empowerments and self-belief.

Multi-faceted Approach:


You may know where you want to make progress. Great! So how come it’s not happening? Our set of self-help offline exercises help you to make important self-discoveries – and the emphasis is on ‘self’: you’re in control, so the effects go deeper. 

Targeted Sessions

Many of our ‘Mindfulness & More’™ online sessions address specific issues, and the deep underlying thought processes behind them. So, you focus and relax with your personalised choice of ‘Way In’ to the mindful state, and then your subconscious listens to, contemplates, carefully-crafted messages aimed at replacing unhelpful or false perceptions with new, truer, empowering beliefs.

Time Outs and New Angles

Every programme in the ThinkWell-LiveWell library is accompanied by a list of suggested complementary programmes or ‘Time Outs’. These are an especially rich part of what we offer: instead of your subconscious starting to treat your core message as ‘wallpaper’, you can surprise it whenever you wish with a new, often abstract perspective of ‘the issue’. Why is this so helpful? Because surprise alerts the awareness systems!



You’re in Control

It’s simple: the more your subconscious feels in control of the process, the more effective it will be. That, in a nutshell, is one of the pillars of cognitive therapy – and that’s what we give you in our ‘Mindfulness & More’ approach. You take control by personalising key aspects of your online sessions, features that are fundamentally important to your subconscious receptivity. You take control by self-questioning and self-investigation, leading to heightened self-awareness, in our offline exercises. And – you exercise control through our self-measurement feature, which you can use to judge when to make personalisation changes, to take refreshing time-outs, etc.



New Paths to Follow

The ThinkWell-LiveWell collection of programmes and meditations, with its three inter-connected levels, is there for subscribers to use exactly as they wish – a one-month subscription already allows you access to everything, and even non-subscribers have access to a deeply helpful range of key programmes. For those of you already practised in mindfulness and meditation, we’re sure you’ll be intrigued by a new voice and approach, especially in our ‘Well in Spirit’ level. For those of you new to all of this, or perhaps those of you who’ve struggled to ‘get into’ this in other ways, we’re confident that you’ll benefit immediately from our approach – and then who knows where this will lead!



Feel ‘On Top of Life’

Anyone who feels they are being true to themselves and living a contented life is… truly happy. So, the path to true happiness is learning to be true to yourself, and learning to be content with what that brings you. And you know what – you can do that and still function successfully in the modern world.

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