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Thinking Well for Physical Wellbeing

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As far back as we have records, humanity has known that Body and Mind are connected. Nowadays, more than ever before, we actively need to Think Well in order to Live Well!

That’s why at ThinkWell-LiveWell we have a programme level dedicated to using your mind to help yourself be ‘Well in Body’.

Mens Sana in Corporae Sano – Healthy Mind in Healthy Body

It’s unsurprising that stresses that show up firstly in our thought patterns quite quickly reveal themselves in physical form – sleeplessness, susceptibility to health problems, illness, pain, obesity, addictions, and more – and that physical issues can, vice versa, affect our state of mind.


ThinkWell-LiveWell programmes help you be at your best physically with a three-fold approach:


Be prepared for the regular and commonplace hassles of everyday life. For example, our programmes will help you to relax in even the most stressful situations, and help you to detach from the everyday in order to sleep.

Control &  Relief

Learn how to deal with issues from aches and pains to deep-seated challenges such as weight control.

Progress & Performance

Start to enjoy doing things that you didn’t think you could, or used to avoid; learn how to go further than you used to think you could.



The Challenge of Choice

It’s often argued that the human body struggles with the lifestyle of modern society: modern life offers us choices and challenges that our ancestors never faced – even as recently as a century ago.

Inevitably, inexorably, and increasingly, most of us have become accustomed to ‘convenient’ choices.

We eat more and more processed and pre-prepared foods. Our cars, our shopping habits, our accessories and gadgets mean that we expend less and less energy on the necessities of life, including our overall wellness.

At some point we come full circle and stress about the health issues that this ‘false contentment’ has produced. The very things that are meant to make our lives easier lead to poor mental and physical health.

So, without taking ourselves ‘off grid’ and living off the land, what can we do about it?



New Solutions

The answer is at once simple and challenging, because it lies in the simplest and most complex part of our entire makeup – the subconscious mind.

Curbing Unhealthy Tendencies

Many of the choices that have become habitual to us are made in order to avoid immediate stress – or in order to avoid a level of stress that the subconscious believes to be insurmountable. This continued avoidance becomes a self fulfilling prophecy – and this cycle is hard to break.

You can think about it this way: like a teenager letting the mess in his or her bedroom get out of control, and then finding the challenge of even starting to deal with it simply to be too great even to contemplate…

Helping You Make Better Choices

So our ThinkWell-LiveWell “Well in Body” programmes give the subconscious new perceptions and self-belief, new views of which choices are going to make us ‘healthily happy’ instead of ‘falsely content’.

And here’s the best thing about the process – it’s deeply relaxing, deeply enjoyable, and deeply rewarding.



Feel Your Best, Inside and Out

It’s time to make sure you have the right tools to support you on your personal journey. Renew your vitality and enhance your physical health: Think Well to Live Well.

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